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LINIAN Clip - The Faster Fixing Cable Clip

The LINIAN Clip is the preferred new method for fixing cables to materials used in the construction industry. Made from light and durable steel, the LINIAN Cable Clip is easy to install, time-saving and fire-resistant, making the task of fixing cables to walls, wood and concrete easier than ever before.

• Easily fixes fire-resistant cables to brickwork, concrete, wood studs & wood beams.
• Installs up to 70% faster than saddle clips.
• After hole is drilled, no tools are required for installation.
• Independently tested to resist tensile loads of up to 244N.
• Corrosion-resistant coating.

The LINIAN Clip is a fantastic time saving alternative for installing fire-resistant cables to hard surfaces such as brickwork, concrete and wooden beams. Rather than spending hours anchoring a cable clip into a fixing hole and tightening down the screw before hanging the cable. With no tools needed once the hole has been drilled, the LINIAN Clip can reduce installation time by up to 70%.

Designed to blend with the red –coloured insulated fire resistant cables, the LINIAN Clip has a corrosion-resistant coat and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees.

LINIAN Fire Clip

LINIAN Fire Clip

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